Fire Spheres

Heat Proof Coating in Black
All the Fire Spheres at Coach House Surrey are painted in our own workshops with three coats of heat resistant paint which withstands temperatures up to 650C , this process should last for around 3 years. This can then be repainted by yourself or it can be be left to go natural to develop an Iron Oxide Patina or they can be left to rust,as they will take decades to rust through and will improve with age if you like that type of look.

Fire Sphere Designs
All the fire pits are hand made to order. Andy’s Standard Collection has been developed to reflect various themes and work well to get the very best out of the spherical steel canvas. He creates fire pits with character, showing the key elements of the theme and includes beautifully sculptured details. Even when choosing from the Standard Collection you can guarantee that you will have a unique piece of art, as Andy draws each design by hand onto the spheres and deliberately incorporates subtle differences in each piece within the same ‘family’ of designs.They are available, either from this Standard Collection, following an existing theme created by Andy Gage, or as a bespoke design created for you by Andy, following a consultation about the design elements you would like to include.

Bespoke Designs
All the 1200mm & 1400mm diameter fire spheres are bespoke items. A bespoke design starts with a consultation about the elements of your life or ideas you would like to include. Designs need to be distinctive in silhouette to work well on a fire sphere and create your unique garden art. Fire Spheres By Sculptural Artist Andy Gage

                                                                              Sculptural Artist Andy Gage 
 The Firepit Company creates beautiful, sculptured Fire Spheres, which are firepits. They work great as patio heaters for warming up those chilly evenings or just fantastic garden sculpture, especially when illuminated with electric lights. They really enhance your outside space in a unique, beautiful and practical way, other uses include unique driveway markers or when incorporating a corporate logo they become great talking points around business premises.

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